Over the last ten years vinyl records have surged in sales worldwide. As would be expected, turntables and all the ancillary equipment have seen a great increase in sales.Many manufacturers have popped up and have gotten on the analog gravy train. Most of them should not have bothered.

If you love your records please, please, please do not play them on your great aunt’s console that she purchased in the early 60’s.

If you are buying new records you are spending on average around twenty to thirty dollars per record. It does not take very long for your records to now be worth more than the gear you are playing them on.

Records are fragile. Proper turntable setup cannot be overstressed. It results in both improved sound quality and record wear reduction. The forces at play on a record are astounding. (refer to the LP Primer on the upper right of this page).

Do not buy a turntable from a big box store. If you love your records purchase a real turntable that has the proper geometry. Yes we do the geometry on every table as well as weight, anti-skate and VTA.

You would not buy a new car from a dealership that can’t repair it. Why would you buy gear from a store that doesn’t have a clue on how to set it up or really doesn’t give a damn about it?

So that’s our rant and we are sticking to it.